5 Days Primates Tracking Safari
2 Day Classic Rwanda Safari
3 Days Exciting Gorilla Trekking Safari
3 Days Exciting gorilla trek – wildlife safari
5-Day Bwindi Gorilla & Wildlife Safari
5-Day Chimp and Gorilla Trekking Safari
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3 Day Birding Safari
4 Days Birding in Uganda Safari
3 Days Exciting Weekend Safari
3-Day Discover Queen Elizabeth NP
3-Day Wildlife Safari
2-Day Chimpanzee Trekking Safari
3-Day Safari to Murchison FNP
3 Days Wildlife safari
6-Day Primates Safari
6-Day Uganda Gorillas and Wildlife Tour
5-Day Bwindi Gorilla & Wildlife Safari
5-Day Trekking Safari

Weekend Escapes Safaris


Charis Tours is an ecotourism company in Uganda. We offer full-service exotic, guided cross-cultural explorations, nature safaris, Gorilla treks, Chimp Tracking, Bird Watching, Wildlife Safaris and best nature holidays, cultural trips in remote corners of East Africa

We believe in the beauty of your dreams and will make it an effort to make your dreams become a reality. Delivering inspiring experiences in East Africa's greatest destinations is our prime goal


  • Tel: +256701720283 or +256786951466
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  • Address: Teachers House Bombo rd, Kampala, Uganda
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